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Travel Guide: Texas


If you know me, you know I’m OBSESSED with Joanna Gaines. She is my spirit animal. I’ve been watching Fixer Upper since season 1, I’ve read just about every book, magazine, and blog post she’s written, and my home has ALL the shiplap vibes.

To me, Joanna is so much more than her eye for design. She’s actually a big inspiration in my life and in my business. Her and Chip are kind and generous and candid and REAL. They change people’s lives and inspire me to do the same! (They also inspire me to buy 10 new throw pillows for my couch, but that’s another story!)

Naturally, visiting Magnolia Market has been on my bucket list for forever!! I finally got my booty to Waco, TX this month with my mother-in-law Penny, and let me tell you, the Silos did not disappoint. Today I’m sharing 5 things you should know before visiting Magnolia!

1.       Get there early.

I’m not a morning person buuuuut this one’s crucial friends, especially on Saturdays. The Silos are a popular tourist spot and lines can get long quick. My advice is to set your alarm early and hit the bakery first, as the inside is pretty tiny and lines can wrap down the block. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with cupcakes for breakfast!

2.       Visit with the staff.

Magnolia Market reminded me of Disney World… in the way that that everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable, and excited to help! We received a warm welcome and learned so much about the history of the Silos, about future plans for Magnolia, and about Chip and Joanna themselves, just by visiting with the staff. Our favorite new friend by far is Nan Stevens herself (aka Joanna’s mom!!! Eek!) HINT: she often visits Magnolia on weekends and visits with guests! She’s a little spitfire with hilarious stories and the most gracious attitude. Look out for her around the checkout line, that’s where she’s typically hanging out.

3.       Show up hungry!

I already mentioned the bakery (cupcakes for life), but now I have to rave about the FOOD TRUCKS. Oh my goodness. We wanted to try everything, but settled on the Cheddar Box because mac and cheese is life. We shared the lemon rosemary and it was phenomenal! I never thought about putting lemon in my macaroni, but now I’ll never eat it another way!

4.       Pack an extra suitcase… or don’t.

If you’re planning on doing some major shopping, it may be worth packing an extra bag! BUT we actually found out after we arrived that Magnolia offers free shipping from the store on purchases over $75!! This could be a great option for fragile or heavy items such as vases, dishes, etc… it’s up to you!

5.       Be inspired.

Everything from the store displays, to the bean bags in the lawn, to even the bathrooms, is designed in true Fixer Upper style! I enjoyed taking in all the details that went into the space, and I can’t wait to visit again as I’ve heard they switch up displays often!


We stayed at Hotel Valencia on the riverwalk and I loved everything about this cute little boutique hotel! The space was beautiful with southwest-meets-chic décor and lots of windows with pretty views.Bonus: they have a fancy self-serve Zumex OJ juicer in the mornings, and a Spanish guitarist at the bar in the evenings! Being right on the riveralk, you can’t beat the location! We were a quick scenic walk to all the bars, shops, restaurants and of course the Alamo.

My favorite spot in San Antonio was the Pearl Brewery District. It’s an old brewery turned hip outdoor shopping and eating area. We grabbed drinks at the swanky bar inside Hotel Emma. I highly recommend the house cocktail Three Emmas, it’s very tasty and comes with a unique story. Ask the bartenders, they’ll tell you!


Austin was our final stop and we were only there for a short time. We mostly focused on eating because #priorities. We enjoyed our first Voodoo Doughnut experience, inspired by seeing literally everyone walking around with the pink boxes on Sunday morning. They’re definitely worth the hype!!

We also grabbed dinner at a new French restaurant called Le Politique and I loved this place! First of all it’s adorable, with quaint Parisian décor including pink woven chairs and bright blooms at each table. The fresh bread and escargot were my favs off the menu!

That’s all for now! If anyone wants to take a trip to the Lone Star State, I’m your girl!!!







Travel Guide: Texas

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