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Dear Rachael: How Do you Travel so Often?

Today I’m answering a question I get all the time, which is how the heck I travel so much!!! I think this perplexes people because as a society, we believe travel = lots of time off and lots of money. We feel limited by resources. Today I’m here to offer some insight into how I make travel happen while working full-time and hustling on a budget, and how you can, too!

In the past year I’ve visited Australia, Las Vegas, New York City, Dallas, Denver, Cancun, Austin, Waco, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Louisville, Scottsdale, and in two weeks I’m jet setting to Paris. You might be asking, does this girl even work?? Would you believe me if I told you I balance these trips while hustling my own biz during the week and photographing weddings on the weekends?

Looking back on all the places I’ve seen, I can’t help but feel BLESSED. But honestly I know it’s more than just that. The reason I travel so much is because I’ve strategically made it so. It’s that simple – I’ve made travel a priority in my life. When you do that, you’ll live in a way that makes it happen! If you’re a fellow travel lover, I hope these tips give you a new perspective and encourage you to pack your bags and hit the road!!!

1.       Be Ready to Make Sacrifices

I have had to make tough decisions when prioritizing travel. For example, I don’t get to spend as many weekends with family. I’ve missed birthday parties, showers, and a lot of time home with my husband. If you feel your life circumstances are standing in the way of you traveling, I want to remind you that everything you do is a choice. If you really want to travel, you can give up certain things to make that happen. It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly possible. Even if you’re in the craziest season of life, I truly believe anyone who wants to travel CAN, with the right amount of sacrifice and planning!

2.       Be Frugal

Each trip doesn’t have to be a boujee 5 star getaway! (Although those are fun too hehe). There are so many resources that make it easy to travel cheap these days! For example, Airbnb is my BFF. Oftentimes you can find great deals on places to stay and meet cool locals in the process, who will offer suggestions on restaurants, to-do’s, and more. Another way to save major moola is to travel with a buddy! You can split costs like gas, meals, and hotel stays.

Also, watch the time of year you’re traveling. If you book trips during low season you can find way better flight and hotel deals (and also avoid touristy crowds!!) For example, traveling to Disney World over spring break will likely cost you way more than visiting in January or February.

3.       Choose a Career That Allows you to Travel

I feel some of you rolling your eyes at this one. I know that not every job has travel opportunities, and I’m definitely not recommending you quit your job if you’re passionate about what you do!! I’m just saying you can be intentional about your career choice.

When I used to work full time, I intentionally chose a position that allowed me to travel every other month or so. Sometimes I’d use a few extra vacation days to spend more time in a city that I was interested in exploring. (Bonus if I have a friend who lives nearby who I can stay with!) I accumulated a lot of frequent flier miles through work, and used those on personal travel.

Nowadays, I LOVE my the entrepreneur life because it allows me to make my own schedule and work from anywhere. It gives me freedom and oftentimes I get to photograph couples in new, adventurous locations, so what I’m saying is, traveling IS my work. AND I LOVE IT!

I intentionally chose 2 careers that accommodate travel, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same. Especially now, when working remotely has become more popular, companies are offering more flexibility, and there are SO many entrepreneurial opportunities online/through social media! Use your imagination!

More often than not, people who travel often aren’t lucky, they are very intentional about making it happen. While it can look glamorous on the outside, there is a lot of sacrifice that goes into travel. I hope this post empowers you to make travel a priority in your life, no matter your budget, job, or number of vaca days!







Dear Rachael: How Do you Travel so Often?

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