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Mo and Jonathan’s Downtown Chicago Wedding

November 30th marked my last wedding of 2018 and I can’t imagine a better way to finish off the season than celebrating alongside Mo and Jonathan!!

When I think of these two, the word “soulmates” immediately comes to mind. Mo and Johnathan are SO absolutely in love. Spend a little time with them and it’s crystal clear how perfect they are together. From the moment I arrived in the bridal suite the morning of their wedding, Mo was exploding with joy and radiated the hugest smile that didn’t fade for a single second throughout the day. She could not wait to get to the church and see her groom waiting at the end of the aisle!

My favorite part of this day was a fleeting moment that took place during the ride to the church. I stayed behind and rode with Mo and her dad. As we approached the church they held hands and prayed together, for the day unfolding and also the marriage that was beginning. You see, weddings are joyful, beautiful days, but that’s the thing – they are just 1 day. What you’re left with after is a union, a marriage, that is even more sacred than just 1 day. This small moment in the car was a beautiful reminder of that.

When he finally saw his bride for the first time, Jonathan couldn’t take his eyes off Mo, then he couldn’t stop kissing her cheeks, hands and forehead (I mean can you blame him?? Mo’s a BABE!) Their friends and family celebrated late into the night at the historic Congress Plaza Hotel downtown Chicago. The reception was a TOTAL banger and featured the BEST father-daughter dance I think I’ve ever witnessed, where Mo and her dad surprised us all with dance moves like the Dougie, Soulja Boy, and even a flossing competition! #dead

Mo and Jonathan, your joy brought ME joy (and I think I can speak for all your friends and family here too!) Enjoy a few of my favorites from this gorgeous downtown Chicago wedding!

Second Photographer – Lindsey Taylor Photography

Videographer –The Siegers Video

Church – Holy Family Catholic Church

Venue – Congress Plaza Hotel

Florist – Catherine’s Gardens

Baker – The Baking Institute

DJ – Tone Productions

Hair and Makeup – Chicago Makeup Professionals

Bride’s Dress – Deflorio Fashion

Invitation suite – Minted





Mo and Jonathan’s Downtown Chicago Wedding

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