Thanks so much for stopping by. Before you get any further, I wanted to give a little background to this blog o’ mine. Here’s the deal - I consider myself a storyteller. To me, photography is the art of documenting people’s lives, the big moments and the little details!!! 

Pretty images are GREAT and all, but sometimes you want more than just a glimpse. That’s what these digital pages are for!! So if you’re the type that’s looking for the full scoop, read on my friend. Who knows… maybe your story will end up here next!!! 

hey new bff!!

Emily and Russ Mountain Engagement Session

They asked me “Are most of your engagement sessions like this?” I answered “Well, I live in the Midwest so there definitely isn’t this much uphill hiking involved!!!!”

In November I adventured to the tippy top of Chimney Rock in Thurmont, MD with Emily and Russ to capture some EPIC shots of these two wild hearts. We chased the sunset with backpacks full of flashlights, changes of clothes, touchup makeup, and of course champagne to pop once we reached the top!

We had a BLAST and after getting to know these two in person, (Emily and I started as Instagram friends wayy back in the day), I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding day this October. I have a good feeling it’s going to be a banger!!





Emily and Russ Mountain Engagement Session

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