Thanks so much for stopping by. Before you get any further, I wanted to give a little background to this blog o’ mine. Here’s the deal - I consider myself a storyteller. To me, photography is the art of documenting people’s lives, the big moments and the little details!!! 

Pretty images are GREAT and all, but sometimes you want more than just a glimpse. That’s what these digital pages are for!! So if you’re the type that’s looking for the full scoop, read on my friend. Who knows… maybe your story will end up here next!!! 

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Anna and Lace’s Intimate Backyard Wedding

Anna and Lace are something special, and their day reflected them PERFECTLY. They said ‘I do’ in Anna’s mom’s garden and were blessed with the most amazing weather (somehow the 80% chance of rain held off all day!) They were surrounded by so much love as their closest people celebrated them. Their guest list was intentionally small, which kept the day sweet and intimate and gave them time to cherish moments with each guest.

Somehow these two planned a perfect celebration in LESS THAN 100 DAYS (What!!!! They deserve a medal!!!) But even with the limited timing, every detail of their day was thoughtfully chosen. Anna’s hairpiece contained pieces of her mother’s heirloom wedding veil. Her brother officiated the wedding and tied in the story of Cinderella, Anna’s favorite fairytale. Lace’s wedding ring was engraved with their wedding date (they jokingly told me because they’re terrible at remembering dates!)

One of my favorite moments of the day came during Anna and Lace’s first dance. They chose to do this privately away from guests and it was the SWEETEST. They were so giggly and joy-filled, and after a few minutes were joined by their 3 sweet foster babies. They all swayed to the song “Where You Belong” by Kari Kimmel. Anna and Lace sang the words together and the heartfelt moment had me in actual tears behind my camera (reminder to self to carry tissues at weddings!!)

Days like this one make me SO darn grateful for what I do. To be welcomed by such sweet people, and to document a love story so true, it just fills my heart!! Anna and Lace are as genuine and kind as they come, and they deserve all the happiness in the world. Congrats you two!!! Enjoy some of my favorites from your wedding day!

Baker – Smallcakes

Flowers – Westmont Floral Shop

MC – Josh Hoenshell

Anna’s Dress – Unique Vintage

Lace’s Shoes – Tomboy Toes

Lace’s Tie – The St. Louis Skinny





Anna and Lace’s Intimate Backyard Wedding

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