Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Morning

I know what you’re thinking. The morning of your wedding day is about the last thing on your mind. How could it be more stressful than remembering your vows, or finalizing your seating chart thanks to last minute RSVPS?? Today I’m here to tell you that rocking morning prep will not only start your day on a fabulous note, but it’ll filter into smooth sailing for the remainder of the day. Sound good? Let’s do this! Here are my tips.

1.       Make a glam schedule and stick to it. This is especially important if you have a large number of bridesmaids. Take the time to plan out who’s getting hair and makeup done, and when. Then, share the schedule with everyone ahead of time so you can keep each other on time. As for the bride, DON’T GO LAST for hair and makeup. I made this mistake on my wedding day. I think I was so concerned with everyone else staying on schedule that I didn’t make my own prep a priority!! Crazy right? The bride usually needs to be ready before the bridesmaids so that she can get to her first look. So brides – make sure you’re on time, and if things end up taking longer than expected, your bridesmaids can finish up while you’re getting pictures taken with your man!

2.       Have an emergency kit. This is a wonderful task for bridesmaids to do prior to your wedding day! As a photographer I always have one with me, but either way, someone needs to come prepared with all the essentials – deodorant, toothpaste, bobby pins, band aids, a sewing kit, mouthwash, double sided tape, baby wipes, and the list goes on! I always keep my emergency kit in my car and have brought it out at every single wedding for one reason or another!

3.       Eat. This sounds silly, right? But this one’s essential. Make sure there’s breakfast (and possibly even lunch, depending on your ceremony time) in the bridal suite so everyone stays fed and hydrated. It’s a looong time until appetizers at cocktail hour friends, so please eat something! Along with this, remember not to drink too much the morning of. Definitely celebrate with a mimosa, but leave the rest for the reception!

4.       A well thought-out bridal suite goes a long way. Try to find one that’s spacious, abundant in natural light, and free of clutter (tip: tell all bridesmaids to keep their bags against one wall so you aren’t tripping over girls’ stuff). Your photographer and hair and make-up artists will thank you for choosing a room with tons of windows and natural light! Bonus – it will also greatly affect the quality of your photos.

5.       Use the restroom before putting your dress on. It’ll be a while before you get another chance, take it from me!! 🙂

So there you have it! These are my tips for planning a stress-free wedding morning. These small things have the power to keep your timeline intact and stress levels at a minimum, so all you have to focus on is having a GREAT morning with your girlfriends!



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