5 New Years Resolutions for the Bride-to-Be

Cheers to 2020!! It’s a new year, a new start, and that means there’s no better time to commit to some New Years resolutions. You’ve got a sparkly rock on your ring finger and you’ve officially taken on the title of fiancé (yayyy!) So how do you slay at this thing called wedding planning, all while making 2020 your best year ever?? Read on for my 5 tips! 


As you get caught up in wedding preparations, it’s so easy to forget how special of a time it is to be engaged! Whether your engagement is 6 months or 2 years, this is a short season and it’s so worthy of celebrating. So go on more dates, kiss a lot, and enjoy! My suggestion to couples is to set aside time together once a week, however fancy (think upscale dinners) or laidback (think Netflix binges), and vow to NOT discuss wedding planning during that time! 


Whatever you do, don’t start your marriage in debt. It’s easy to lust after others’ luxury weddings when scrolling the picture perfect worlds of Instagram or Pinterest, but remember – it’s totally possible to throw a gorgeous and meaningful wedding on ANY budget!


Of course you want to look amazing on your big day, and setting goals for a healthier lifestyle is awesome!! Just be smart about achieving those goals. Crash diets or fads won’t leave you satisfied in the long run – instead, find a workout and eating regimen that work well for your body and treat yourself with some love.

4.       LET GO (A LITTLE).

You should expect excellent service from your vendors and love and support from family during this time – after all, you ARE the bride!! But don’t stress yourself by trying to achieve perfection. No matter how organized or type A you may be, not every detail will go to plan (and that’s ok!) Be ready to show yourself and others some grace.

5.       DO IT YOUR WAY.

And finally… don’t apologize for letting your personality shine on your wedding day!  Whether you’re planning a more traditional affair or your ideas are totally out of the box, it’s important to stay true to yourself during this time. Do you envision an elegant black tie soiree? Or an adventurous barefoot elopement on top of a mountain? There’s no rules to weddings these days, so whatever feels true to your heart, run with that! 

So there you have it babes! Pop a bottle of bubbly and celebrate the year to come, because it’s going to be an awesome one. I’m happy dancing for you!!



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