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Why it’s OK if your Wedding Dress gets Dirty

You’ve spent countless hours searching for the PERFECT white dress. You’ve scoured Pinterest and every showroom in town. You’ve likely dropped thousands of dollars on “the one”. Then, you’ve scheduled multiple fittings to make sure the thing fits like a glove. Sheesh!! By the time your wedding day rolls around, that dress has become a sacred object. Each time you hold it, you’re careful to not let it touch the floor or get a dirty fingerprint smudge on it. I get it – I was the same way with my wedding dress!!

But something changed for me the day of my wedding. I recognized that this was it – the moment all that preparation + money was for. I suddenly didn’t care if I sweated, moved or dragged the dress around. Why? Because I realized my wedding dress was meant to be WORN on my wedding day. 

Yes – worn is the right word. You, beautiful bride, are not a mannequin, and your wedding is not a showroom floor. Sure, you can still treat your gown with elegant grace, but I beg you – do NOT focus so much on keeping your dress clean that you get stressed on your wedding day! Here’s a secret – bugs and twigs LOVE tulle and chiffon. My husband and I got married in an apple orchard, and I joked that my dress acted as a bug net the whole day. Instead of stressing over it, I laughed and welcomed it as part of the experience (and my photographer photoshopped the bugs out like a pro!)

The morning after my wedding when I zipped my pretty dress back into its garment bag, I saw a few dirt marks from frolicking through a wildflower field with my husband. I saw a champagne spill on the side from one of my bridesmaids accidentally hugged me too hard on the dance floor. I saw these things and I smiled. Why?? Because those little imperfections were marks to be celebrated, to remember the most special memories of my day. 

Here’s a few tips I’ve picked up from photographing countless weddings. Chalk works wonders in hiding dirt marks on white dresses! Be sure to pack some in your emergency kit. Also, if you’re really concerned about keeping your dress clean for the ceremony, save bride + groom portraits until later in the day. That way, you two can frolic freely, knowing in a dark reception space, minor dirt marks under your dress won’t be noticed! 

Sweet brides, let me keep it real with you. The main focus of your wedding day should be marrying your soulmate and celebrating with your loved ones, not keeping your dress spotless. The dress is a beautiful accessory of the day, but it isn’t the focus of the day. By all means, go buy your dream gown and rock it like the queen you are. You’ll only wear your wedding dress once, so wear it well. Have fun, frolic, dance, and hug. I promise you, no guest is going to notice a few dirt marks on your dress. They are going to be way too focused on you looking like a goddess, and celebrating your love story!!

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Why it’s OK if your Wedding Dress gets Dirty

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