4 Years of Marriage

Our 2020 has probably looked similar yours… lots of time at home with our cats, Netflix marathons, and when we’re feeling adventurous, maybe a walk around the neighborhood (wine in hand!) To celebrate 4 years of marriage, Keith and I wanted to do something different and venture out for a romantic evening in Chicago!! It was my first time getting dressed up in MONTHS (heck I forgot to even put a bra on, I’m THAT out of practice), but we did it!!

To others, 5 years is probably the bigger milestone, but to me life seems to pass in 4’s. 4 years of high school, 4 years of college, 4 years of working corporate before taking my business full-time. It’s crazy to think I’ve now ‘graduated’ 4 years of marriage! It’s a milestone worth cherishing, and as a photographer myself, my favorite way to hold onto memories is obviously through photos!!! And guess what? I had the BEST gal for the job! My associate Lauren met us downtown and captured us perfectly (not to mention she had us laughing so hard!!!) These are just a few of the hundreds of beautiful photos Lauren blessed us with.

After the session, as we were clinking champagne and enjoying our anniversary dinner, Keith gushed, “Wow Lauren was great today!!!” (To which I had to respond DUH… she’s the best!) Lauren is currently booking 2021 weddings and if you’re interested in working with her, email us at greygardencreative@gmail.com so we can fill you in on all the deets!!!

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