Thanks so much for stopping by. Before you get any further, I wanted to give a little background to this blog o’ mine. Here’s the deal - I consider myself a storyteller. To me, photography is the art of documenting people’s lives, the big moments and the little details!!! 

Pretty images are GREAT and all, but sometimes you want more than just a glimpse. That’s what these digital pages are for!! So if you’re the type that’s looking for the full scoop, read on my friend. Who knows… maybe your story will end up here next!!! 

hey new bff!!

We Got a Puppy!

P.S. since some of you have asked, here’s a list of our 10 must-have puppy items. These have all come in super handy during Camper’s first month at home!!

Stuffed dog for cuddling

Ziggy Paws burrow toy

Puppy kong

Bully sticks

Car hammock

Food bowls with spill resistant mat

Royal Canin puppy food


Golden Retriever training book

Baby gate





We Got a Puppy!

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