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Hi my name is Rachael and my passion is capturing joy-filled, timeless wedding images in the most beautiful destinations worldwide. 

Alongside my husband Keith, I spend my free time traveling, visiting Disney World, or playing with our sweet golden retriever puppy Camper. I can’t get enough Starbucks pink drinks or Anthropologie volcano candles, but above all else, my favorite thing in this world is photography. I thank the lucky stars every day that I get to call this job mine! 

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First off, I never thought I’d be a professional photographer. 

But looking back I totally should’ve seen this coming!! I’m a creator at heart who’s always dreamed of running her own business. The dream itself changed a lot - one week it was owning a flower farm, the next it was designing wedding gowns (totally inspired by Elizabeth James in the Parent Trap!) 

 I’ve always loved photography and was the self-proclaimed “documenter” of my friend group. In high school and college I’d go everywhere with my pink Sony point-and-shoot camera tucked away in my purse, ready to capture any moment! The walls of my dorm room and first apartment were covered in printed photos of friends and places traveled. I loved documenting all memories, from summer vacations to silly sleepovers to bigger milestones like prom and graduation.

my humble beginnings

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I got married to my soulmate Keith in September of 2016. I absolutely LOVED wedding planning. To me, it was the perfect creative outlet! I thrived in all the pretty details and celebratory energy. I poured my heart into planning our wedding, knowing the day would not only represent me and Keith’s love story, but would also be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be surrounded by our closest, most treasured people. 

Keith and I knew photography was important so we invested heavily in our wedding photographer. She was truly amazing and brought so much positivity and expertise to our day!! By the end, she became much more friend than vendor and she opened my eyes to the idea that people can make a living out of something creative that they love. Our wedding day was a dream come true, and the photos captured became sacred treasures. 

my love of weddings

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After our wedding I just couldn’t bring myself to unfollow the Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards I’d grown to love during planning. What can I say, I was OBSESSED with the wedding world!!

My soul was telling me to make a career change, so I invested in a used DSLR camera off Craigslist and began photographing weddings on the weekends! I loved the creative outlet of photography, but even more than that, I loved being able to serve people on such a special day of their lives. 

Little did I know this side hustle would quickly be a one-way ticket out of my corporate job, and into my dream career! In 2019 I said "good riddance " to my teeny cubicle and dove into full-time entrepreneurship.

when it clicked

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Since going full-time with my wedding photography business I've never looked back. I now serve 30-plus amazing couples each year, and their beautiful weddings allow me to travel all over the world!!

In 2020 I hired my first employee, and today I have three amazing associates who work closely with me to bring the Rachael Kazmier Photography experience to even more couples! 

I truly LOVE what I do and feel beyond blessed to capture peoples’ most special memories. (Somebody please pinch me… how is this job real life??)

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My favorite part of a wedding day is:

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On my days off, the first thing I do is: 

Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical

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The best title I have on a wedding day is

Paris, Charleston, Southern California, Positano, Maui, and counting! 


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travel is welcomed.

Planning a destination wedding?

I specialize in capturing beautiful weddings throughout the USA, Europe and beyond. I spend a good chunk of my time living out of a suitcase, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My absolute favorite thing is when my two passions collide and I'm able to travel while photographing love stories! I find beauty in every location on earth, and no destination is too far.

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