How to handle Instagram Burnout

I’ve heard a lot of groans about Instagram lately. Between the algorithm screwing up our engagement, the comparison game making us feel less-than, or just that overwhelming cluelessness of not knowing what photo to post or what caption to write, we all have our frustrations with the little app!!

Despite all that, we also know what an amazing tool Instagram is, and how using it effectively can affect our businesses in beautiful ways (hellooo free marketing!) If you’re feeling burnt out or frustrated with Insta, I want to help!! I’m so excited today to share are a few tips that have greatly improved my experience on the app!

1.       Don’t scroll in bed

I’ve been practicing this all year and it has helped my mental health a TON. I used to scroll before falling asleep, and again right when I woke up (how sad is it that we check our phones before saying good morning to the person lying next to us!!)

I’ve switched up my routine at night, so I put my phone away and try more relaxing techniques like reading a book or listening to a podcast. In the morning, instead of checking insta right away and comparing my average day ahead to someone else’s highlight reel, I purposefully don’t open the ‘gram until I’m well into my day.

Biggest takeaway: Be intentional about when you’re using the app, and make sure you’re in a good headspace before you start scrolling.

2.       Unfollow accounts that don’t make you feel good

Have you ever realized you don’t enjoy someone’s content for whatever reason, but you were afraid to unfollow them because you didn’t want to come off as mean? (Raising my people-pleaser hand high in the air!!!)

 Sometimes, we change and our interests change. Other times, other people change and we don’t enjoy their content anymore. Sometimes, we feel comparison creep in and others’ seemingly-perfect lives make us jealous or upset. Sometimes, we just need to unfollow people! (Yep, I said it!!) The great thing about social media is it can be whatever you want it to be! You are in control of your experience online, and if someone’s content doesn’t give you good vibes, don’t be afraid to hit the unfollow button.

Unfollowing is rarely personal – it doesn’t mean you dislike a person, it doesn’t mean what they are posting is bad, it just means it isn’t the right fit for you at this moment. And that’s okay. Remember YOUR happiness should be priority, not someone else’s ego that could be impacted by an unfollow.

Biggest takeaway: Be mindful of the accounts that pop up on your feed, and more importantly, how they make you feel.

3.       Stop obsessing over “Insta fame”

We all want to be seen and heard, it’s human nature! In today’s world that translates to a desire for for more likes, more views, more followers. But this obsession with numbers won’t get us anywhere. If you think you’ll feel more fulfilled with 5K or 10K next to your name, it isn’t ever that simple. Chasing “more” is a never-ending game that’ll just leave you striving for that next milestone.

Instead of getting caught up in the numbers, try to focus on showing up for the accounts who have already chosen to follow you. These are the people who have taken a seat at your table and are waiting to hear what you have to say. And if you focus on serving them well, beautiful relationships can form, and growth will come organically from there! (I mean isn’t this the purpose of social media anyways… to be SOCIAL??)

Biggest takeaway: You are SO much more than a number my friend.

I truly hope these tips are helpful for you, and we can all start feeling excited about using Instagram again! THANK YOU THANK YOU for reading this post, and for all the support and love. You girls are the best and I’m cheering you on today and always!!



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