What I’ve Learned During my First Months in Business

Holy moly, it’s been a minute since I’ve done a little life update!! Time has passed as it does, and now I’m a few months into going full-time with my photography business. Today just felt right to do a check-in with all you lovely readers!!! Whether you’re here because you’re considering starting a biz of your own, you’re in a transitional phase, or heck if you’re a friend who just wants to keep up, below are some takeaways as I’ve taken my photography business full-time.

  1. Getting started is the hardest part

    I spent YEARS feeling stuck and restless at my corporate job, terrified to take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. I knew deep deep down that I was meant for more, but the thought of entering the unknown held me back. Now only a few months into working as a full-time photographer, I already think to myself “WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG!!” But that fear is real. Fear of the unfamiliar, fear of failure, fear of what others might think. It freezes us all in our tracks. Staying on the same path is safe, but if we’re being real with ourselves, it’s not where we discover our true potential.

    If it weren’t for my amazing support system, I’m not sure if I’d be where I am today. Between sweet friends reminding me that I’m capable, my husband encouraging me every step of the way, and my business coach helping navigate me through fears and emotions, I actually did it!! Now that I look back, my only regret is not leaping sooner.

    When you know your soul is calling you to make a change, whether it’s career wise, relationship wise, or anything else, BELIEVE in that. As one of my favorite girl bosses Jenna Kutcher says, “done is better than perfect”!! You don’t have to have it all figured out before you take action. Because if you wait for the “perfect” time, you’ll probably be waiting forever.

  2. Time management is key

    The beauty and the curse of working for your favorite person (you!!) is the flexibility it offers. Here’s the thing… when I first began working from home, I found myself starting the day running a few errands, hitting the Starbucks drive-thru for my favorite refresher, and maybe doing a load of laundry. Before I knew it, the day was half over and I’d barely opened my laptop!!

    It’s not always easy, but developing a routine and sticking to it is absolutely vital to running your biz. Time management looks a bit different for everyone. Maybe you’re a morning person, or maybe you’re like me and would rather stay up editing until midnight so you can hit the snooze button a few (or a dozen) times in the morning!

    I’ve found it super helpful to make a weekly schedule and set some deadlines for myself, so each day I know exactly what I’ll be tackling. Batch working has been my productivity BFF!! Oh, and don’t forget to give yourself grace when things don’t go exactly according to plan. If you’re supposed to be scheduling social media content and a friend unexpectedly invites you for coffee, don’t feel guilty for jumping on the opportunity! That’s why you started this biz after all, right? To control your own schedule and say “yes” to things you want to!

  3. I’m getting to know myself

    I know this sounds silly, but I’ve learned SO MUCH more about myself in these last months than I probably did in years before! I’ve paid more attention to my desires, my relationships, my mentality, my lifestyle. When we’re chugging away at life on autopilot, sometimes we forget to stop and think “what do I actually want?” or “What do I even like?”

    I’ve spent time reflecting on these questions and listening to my inner voice and I love where that clarity is taking me. If getting to know yourself better is something that interests you, I highly recommend journaling! It’s a great way to explore your thoughts, and track your progress along the way!

So there you have it!! Lately I’m feeling excited about life and more confident than ever in the path I’m on. I hope the path you’re on brings you joy today, too! It’s been a blessing sharing my journey with you all and I’m thankful for every one of you who has chosen to read and follow along!



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