The Ultimate Guide to Engagement Sessions

Engagement photos are a BIG deal. They commemorate a special moment in your lives, they capture your personalities as a couple, and they set a tone for your upcoming wedding day. From save-the-dates and social media posts, to your wedding website and perhaps even at the wedding itself, your engagement photos will likely be highly distributed leading up to your big day. So how do you plan ahead to make sure the photos are what dreams are made of? (Bonus points if you just sang Lizzie McGuire in your head!) Read on, friend!!


Everyone wants to look their absolute best in their engagement photos, and planning ahead will help you accomplish this stress-free. Lay out your outfits in advance, make appointments to get your hair and makeup done professionally. Maybe even pamper yourself with a fresh manicure (you’ll thank me later when it’s time for those up-close ring shots!)

Also think about any props you might want at your session. Is there something special you’d like to add to your shoot (a blanket to cuddle in, a bottle of your fav bubbly, or even your pet??) Remember these are YOUR engagement photos, so feel free to add personal touches!


Just like a realtor will tell you, location(s) you choose will have a huge impact on your final product. Is there a space that is meaningful to your relationship, or signifies a special moment in your lives? Choose somewhere that speaks to you as a couple – whether it’s your favorite date night spot, a park you visit on the weekends, or even your home. Choosing a location where you’ll be comfortable and relaxed together will lead to more natural and joyful photos! Or, if you don’t have your heart set on a specific spot, don’t fret!! It’s not about where you are, but who you’re with. Reach out to your photographer, as they’ll be the experts in choosing spots with perfect light and backgrounds to make you look your best!


News flash… we ALL feel awkward and clammy in front of a camera and if we’re being honest, the last time we had professional photos taken was probably senior year of High School! (Now I’m having flashbacks of me posed awkwardly in a Lacoste polo and Bermuda shorts… eeek!)

Getting photos taken can feel uncomfortable at first, but trust me. You’ll get the hang of it and will be channeling your inner Beyoncé before you know it.  This is such a special time in your life so ENJOY yourselves! Flirt a little, kiss if you want to, make each other laugh. I sometimes tell couples to pretend they’re on a date and ignore the camera all-together. When you have fun with it, photos will come out the most natural, and those sweet candid shots will likely be some of your favs!!!



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