How to Get a Pretty Instagram Feed

Hi there, friend!! As a professional photographer, I know of a few tips + tricks to make Instagram feeds pretty (it is my job, after all!!!) And since I just loooove spilling the good stuff, read on for my strategies! They’re super easy-to-follow and best of all, you can start using them TODAY!!


My biggest tip to making your feed aesthetically pleasing is varying the space!! Try to switch up your content + angles between each post. For example, if you post a busy group photo one day, try a simple portrait with a plain background, or a detail photo with lots of negative space the next. Giving variety + allowing your grid to ‘breathe’ will make it much easier on the eyes!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… photography is alllllll about good lighting!! The trick here is to make the light look somewhat similar in every photo. Obviously it won’t be EXACTLY the same, because you’re taking photos in different locations or at different times of day, but you can use presets (or even the editing features built into Instagram!) to achieve a more cohesive lighting look!! If you need more tips to taking better photos, check out my FREE GUIDE to iPhone photography!


Choose 3-4 colors that are complimentary of each other and that represent your personality + brand well, and post images with these hues often. Need some inspo?? Look around your home or in your closet to see what colors you naturally gravitate towards. Sometimes it’s easier to actually eliminate a color or two from your feed (for example, I don’t post much black or red on the ‘gram).


Don’t forget about the words underneath your photo!!! A pretty image will grab your followers’ attention, but a thoughtful caption will make them want to stick around + engage. Ask a question, share a funny story, or offer a tip in your area of expertise to make it worth their time to stop their scroll!!

Focus on these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a bomb Instagram feed!! Keep in mind though, Instagram is more than pretty squares… it’s a way to CONNECT. You can post the most perfect photos with the wittiest captions but if you aren’t engaging with your audience, the app is not serving anyone!! Take the time to respond to your comments + DM’s, or heck go share some love by ‘liking’ and commenting on other peoples’ content!!! Let’s put the social back in social media, friends!!

Here’s to pretty Instagrams, and even prettier human connections!!



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