Tips for Working from Home

I can’t lie… working from home can be the BEST!!! No long commutes, you don’t have to iron clothes or style your hair (messy buns for days!!), and you can pet your cat in the middle of the day!! Working from home is SO great that sometimes it’s hard to focus on the actual work itself!

I’ve been working from home for almost a year now, so today I thought I’d share my best tips for keeping your productivity (and mental heath) high while working from home!!

Stick to a schedule:

This is the HARDEST part!!! When you work from home, work is always accessible (same goes for distractions around the house!) It’s easy to go run a midday errand or do a load of laundry over lunch, but when you jump between too many tasks, you’re losing productivity.

Establishing “office hours” to separate work from life is absolutely key!! Set boundaries on a start and end time to put a fire under your bum to be productive during the day, and to disconnect at night. While it’s easy to open your computer for “just one more email” try to clearly define your schedule and treat your home as an OFFICE during the day and an OASIS at night.

Create a space you love to work in:

I know, I know… it’s super tempting to work from your bed or the couch!!! But there’s something SO magical about creating an area that makes you feel excited to work! Whether it’s a home office or a little corner of your kitchen island, having a designated area for work will keep you more productive and motivated to get the job done!! Last year I transformed one of our unused guest bedrooms into my home office, and I LOVE having space where I can physically shut the door at the end of the day to separate my work from play!

Get moving:

I’m sure you guys have heard that taking a break from your screen increases efficiency! When you’re at the office, you’re likely walking around to chat at a coworker’s desk, grabbing a coffee in the cafeteria, or heading to the gym at lunch. Try to keep up these movement routines when working from home, too! You’ll feel much more happy and motivated. (A few midday sun salutations or a walk in the fresh air are my personal favs!)

Take full advantage of the dress code:

My FAVORITE part of working from is hands down the yoga pants and cozy sweatshirts every day!! (I can’t lie… most day my husband comes home to find me still in my PJs, no bra, hair unbrushed!) Use work from home time to be as cozy as possible!! Grab a warm lap blanket (or your pet!), and do your best work while being a comfortable queen!



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