It’s time for a life update (more like pupdate!) because Keith and I got a puppy!! We picked up Camper on January 25 and it’s been a whirlwind of a first month with him. I’m excited to fill you guys in on the details today!

We Got a Puppy!

New year… same pandemic! Since our houses are where we spend so much of our time these days, I wanted to share a few ways I’ve improved my wellness at home over the past year. If you’re like me, new routines can sometimes feel unattainable or unrealistic. These few have been manageable for me – I hope they might be helpful for you, too!

5 ways I’ve Improved my Wellness at Home

To say that 2020 has had its challenges would be an understatement. For this reason, I think it’s both harder + easier to express gratitude this year. On the one hand, people are dealing with unimaginable hardships – lost jobs, deaths of loved ones, loneliness. But on the other, the year has put a lot into perspective. Yes it’s a trying time, but in all of that, I’m doing my best to hold space to be grateful. Which is why I wanted to share my 2020 gratitude list with you today!!

My 2020 Gratitude List